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Our Favourite Makers

As we go about the business of making and selling foodstuffs, we occasionally come across fellow makers that align with our taste and sensibility. It only makes sense to bring them together here so that other like-minded individuals can access the hand crafted work of these talented, local makers. These one of a kind pieces naturally enhance the Provisions experience and bring warmth and beauty to your table.

Shed Pottery


Shed Pottery is a dream in progress. It is one person’s passion and love for turning clay into functional pieces.

Johann was raised and resides in the Niagara Region. Her grandmother was a talented potter whose gifted craftsmanship and guidance nurtured Johann’s skill and initiated her devotion to the art.
In 2011 shed pottery was born in Johann’s country home amongst her flock of chickens affectionately dubbed “The Golden Girls”. Using the potters wheel and hand building techniques she crafts her pots from stoneware. Layering glazes, hand painting and etching designs that are inspired from her surroundings and the changing season.

Johann loves being inspired by and collaborating with other local entrepreneurs. Visit her website at for her complete collection.

As with many things hand crafted, each piece is unique in its own way with no two pieces being exactly the same.  To that end, your chosen piece may not be exactly as shown.