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Our Story

Our philosophy is to inspire and empower individuals to lead joyful, purposeful lives. We believe that by fostering positivity, personal growth, and meaningful connections, we can make the world a happier place, one person at a time. We extend this commitment to our employees, ensuring they find purpose and meaning in creating high quality products. We approach every aspect of our business with care and craftsmanship, meticulously considering every detail in every package, knowing that it's a symbol of our dedication. 

We do what we do with pride, understanding that our purpose is to help create those lasting moments, surrounded by family and friends, where happiness and positivity thrive. Our products represent a beautiful lifestyle, providing our customers with the confidence to entertain their guests with a unique and well-represented experience. At Provisions, we want our customers to know that love is in the details, and when you choose us, you've chosen a trusted brand.

Inspired by Niagara

We’re always inspired by the local beauty and bounty in our area and continually innovate our products to develop the best quality items perfect for savouring, sharing and gifting.

Women Owned and Led

Provisions Food Company was founded by award-winning food industry professional Lori McDonald in the beautiful Niagara region of Ontario.

Our Principles

We work hard to have a highly successful business that makes us proud and happy.