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Our Story

Crafting Premium Products for Everyday Occasions

Founded over a decade ago and located in the beautiful Niagara region of Ontario, Canada, Provisions Food Company was born of a passion to inspire individuals to lead joyful, purposeful lives. We do this by crafting specialty food products for everyday occasions, providing our customers with the confidence to entertain their guests with a unique and well-represented experience.

We approach every aspect of our business with care and craftsmanship, meticulously considering every detail in every package, knowing that it’s a symbol of our dedication. We do what we do with pride, understanding that we are commited to help create those lasting moments surrounded by family and friends, where happiness and positivity thrive. We extend this commitment to our employees, ensuring they find purpose and meaning in creating high quality products. We want our customers to know that love is in the details, and when you choose us, you’ve chosen a trusted brand.

Founder & CEO

Meet Lori McDonald

Lori McDonald, CEO and Founder of Provisions Food Company, is an award-winning cookbook author, winner of the 2023 Women In Business Entrepreneurship Award, and a mainstay of Niagara’s food and wine industry since 1998. Before the inception of Provisions 12 years ago, Lori spent her time gaining diverse experiences -from events planning to vineyard work- that she still draws upon today to inspire new products for Provisions’ product line as well as for her co-packing clientelle. 

Lori is a role model to her peers and employees, demonstrating her commitment to fostering positivity, personal growth, and meaningful connections within our professional careers, personal lives, and most importantly surrounded by friends and family sharing delicious food and drink. 

Our Favourite Cocktail Jam Recipes


This is the ultimate crowd-pleasing appetizer for your next gathering! Indulge in the irresistible combination of delectable Whipped Feta alongside our flavourful French Onion Jam.


Warming spices and the fruit of fall make this cocktail the ultimate wingman for all your holiday gatherings and dinners! The secret sauce? Our Spiced Apple Whisky Jelly as a simple syrup!


If you've been searching for the best granola recipe that combines a smoky-sweet flavour and a delightful crunch, you've come to the right place. This unique twist on a classic favourite is an easy way to elevate your breakfast and snack game.