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We Are Provisions Food Company

Provisions Food Company creates foodstuffs that are inspired by Niagara. We use as much local, in-season produce in our products as we can because it makes sense and tastes better. We take pride in making products that can be matched with great local wines, spirits and cheeses. To see the amazing ways you can pair these incredible flavours visit our COMPANIONS LISTING.

To us, Niagara means access to the best produce in Canada. It is about honouring the farmers who work the land and help keep us connected to the land. The wineries in Niagara have elevated our standards for food. Their influence informs our food culture, our lifestyle and has created a community of individuals who share our passion for delicious high-quality foods and spirits.

A benefit to seeking out high quality ingredients is that they can stand alone. That’s why our ingredients lists are short and simple. It’s why our recipes are simple, too. It’s getting harder than ever to navigate the world of food, so we like to cook in small batches and keep things as simple and natural as possible.

We celebrate our ingredients. We are proud to have relationships with local farmers. We are proud to have Niagara produce represented in what we make. We want to share our connection to the farms of Niagara as much as we want to connect with you.

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