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How to Make the Ultimate and Elevated Charcuterie Board

The ultimate cheese and charcuterie board is all about balancing sweet and savoury flavours, and soft and crunchy textures. These boards are easy ways to create artisanal and curated dining experiences for guests, or better yet, an evening in with you and yours! While we encourage experimentation (make it fun!), we've done the heavy lifting and put together the perfect pairing list so that you know exactly what you want to grab when you hit the deli counter at your local Sobeys or Fortinos!

The following list includes our recommended cheese, cocktail jam, and beverage pairing.  These are your foundation, so we recommend choosing one-two cheese and cocktail jam pairings for your board(s) and building around them using a variety of cured meats, nuts, fruit, and crackers.

Elevate Your Board With:

Perfect Pairings

  1. Apricot Icewine Jam + Parmigiano Reggiano + Icewine
  2. Blueberry Lavender Jam + Brie or Camembert + Pinot Noir
  3. Cherry Merlot Wine Jam + Cheddar or Manchego + Lager
  4. Caesar Vodka Tomato Jam + Sharp Cheddar + Vodka
  5. French onion jam + Gruyère or Comtè + Stout Beer
  6. Peach Prosecco Sparkling Jam + Triple Crème Cheeses + Sparkling Wine
  7. Pear Riesling Wine Jam + Roquefort, Stilton + Riesling
  8. Red Pepper Jelly + Cream Cheese or Cheddar + Pinot Gris
  9. Spicy Icewine Jelly + Brie + Dry Riesling
  10. Spiced Apple Whisky Jelly + Sharp Cheddar + Chardonnay
  11. Rose Petal Wine Jelly + Triple Crème Cheeses + Gewürztraminer
  12. Strawberry Elderflower Jam + Triple Crème Cheeses + Rosè


  • Don’t sleep on the cocktail jams!  We might be biased, but there is a reason cocktail jams have been our flagship best selling products for the past 12 years. These meticulously crafted jams and jellies are the showstopper time and time again, leaving guests asking “where can I get this?!”.

  • Incorporating unique and unexpected elements, such as unconventional cheeses, specialty nuts and condiments, and unique fruits is an easy way to add an element of surprise and intrigue to the boards. We like to add a stack of our Savoury Cheese Shortbread cookies, like our Parmesan Rosemary Shortbreads, to our boards to add a decadently savoury touch. Find our shortbreads at Sobeys!

Our Favourite Cocktail Jam Recipes


This is the ultimate crowd-pleasing appetizer for your next gathering! Indulge in the irresistible combination of delectable Whipped Feta alongside our flavourful French Onion Jam.


Warming spices and the fruit of fall make this cocktail the ultimate wingman for all your holiday gatherings and dinners! The secret sauce? Our Spiced Apple Whisky Jelly as a simple syrup!


If you've been searching for the best granola recipe that combines a smoky-sweet flavour and a delightful crunch, you've come to the right place. This unique twist on a classic favourite is an easy way to elevate your breakfast and snack game.